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Our Story

Our Story

Way back in 1995, Technokids began.

The tech revolution was in it's infancy and many schools didn't have the equipment necessary to teach computer lessons for their pupils. 


Seeing a chance to make a difference, a small group of independent teachers based in Islington, North London, started visiting local primary schools and nurseries - with amazing new computers that you could carry around! (now known as Laptops..)

Word spread - and before long the demand for Technokids' in-house IT lessons and extra-curricular computer clubs was rapidly increasing.

In 2000, Bruce Harrison joined the company as a Club Leader and soon took over as Owner and Head Teacher, moving the company centre to Teddington, South West London in 2003.


So many innovations in tech have come along since then, and Technokids have continued to grow year on year ever since.


The launch of the new Computing Curriculum in 2014 has only served to heighten awareness among parents about the need for high quality digital literacy and coding lessons to be taught in schools.

Technokids' sessions  have continued to meet that need - by constantly investing in new technology and by designing a progressive curriculum of fun learning modules covering the EYFS, key stage 1 & 2 - from ages 3 to 11!

By researching and integrating the best new apps and by introducing a fantastic variety of new coding robots, we have given thousands of children a chance to create, test and refine their ideas - and to make them come to life!

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

We believe that for children to genuinely develop in computing they need to use a wide range of programs, devices and platforms. 


Our lessons equip children with the confidence and skills needed to understand, make and create technology!

Joining Technokids is a fantastic way for them to develop computing skills in a social context and get a great head-start in digital literacy & coding/computer science.


Lessons are supplemented with a range of educational apps and activities, focusing on the core principles of logical reasoning & creative design.

Our Vison

Our Vision

Our vision is to expand our network of clubs and schools nationwide (and beyond!)

- to enable as many children as possible to benefit from our classes.

We want to be synonymous with high quality computing lessons in nurseries, schools and holiday clubs.


We want to be the #1 coding and digital kids club across the UK!

Our Passion

We have a strong brand, well regarded and well established among schools and parents, based in South West London.

We have a proven business model, successful over many years.

We have a progressive curriculum of content and lesson plans, which are constantly updated.

We have a fully detailed operations manual, and IT systems in place to assist with daily and ongoing administration.

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