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The Digital skills gap

According to the World Economic Forum, it’s estimated that 65% of children entering primary school today will probably work in roles that don’t even currently exist!

New innovations are being developed at lightning speeds, but an absence of the skills needed to drive such technologies has led to a digital skills gap which could cost the UK £141 billion in GDP growth, according to Accenture.

Jobs are evolving in response to advancing technology. But the pace of advancing digital technology threatens to leave millions of people behind, costing the economy billions unless more is done to equip people with new skills.


According to Google, Computer science jobs will be the highest-paying sectors over the next decade, paying almost $15K more than average.

A recent LinkedIn report found that four of 2018’s top five emerging jobs were in the developing and machine learning space.

Technical skills such as Cryptocurrency, Software as a Service and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are becoming priceless on a CV. Yet many people – young and old – don’t possess digital literacy skills, making it difficult to fill the roles and to train current employees.

Parents are becoming more and more aware of the need for children to learn Coding and Digital Literacy skills from a young age.


And kids are always keen to explore technology, be creative and have fun!

Digital Skills Gap
What is Coding?

So what is Coding?

Simply put, coding means 'creating a set of instructions that uses technology to make something happen'.

It could be as simple as putting 2 coloured blocks together - to make a toy car move forwards and then turn.

Or it could mean programming a complex sequence of 'Javascript' using all sorts of special symbols and sequences of text.

"Essentially, Code is a tool that lets you be creative with technology. It's the language that helps us make Software, Apps and Websites.

If you can code you can communicate your ideas with a computer or a program so they can be brought to life in bigger, brighter, and more creative ways.


With code you can build a great new app or design the next trend in wearable fashion, or even build a robot that can help doctors and nurses save lives.

Code may look intimidating at first but really it’s just another way to share ideas with the world - in a very powerful, creative way


For the kids of today, coding is becoming an essential skill, just like reading, writing, and maths.


Encouraging children to learn to code can open up countless opportunities for their future. Whether they want to be an athlete or an artist, they love animals, or want to explore medicine, coding can help them pursue their interests now and create greater career options. You can make anything with code!


Even if being a software developer isn’t at the top of their list, fields like social media, music, crime scene investigation, video gaming, fashion, farming, government, education, design, manufacturing, or film and special effects very well might be!" 3.

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The Franchise model

So there is definitely a need to teach coding and digital literacy skills to children.


And we know that the demand for these skills is only going to increase. But what's the best way to meet that demand?


A Technokids Franchise!

We have a proven model that has been operating in London over many years (growing year on year since 1995).

We can provide everything you need to run your own classes and clubs in an exclusive territory, including high quality training and support to help make your business a success.


According to the NatWest Franchise Report 2018:

  • There has been a significant increase in the estimated overall number of people working in franchising, with over 700,000 people employed in the sector.

  • There are an estimated 48,600 franchised units in the UK, the highest number ever - and nearly twice as many as 25 years ago.

  • 93% of franchisees claimed profitability in 2018 - and over two-thirds of franchised units that have been running for five years or more report being either quite or highly profitable.

  • Failure rates for franchises remain very low, with fewer than 1% per year closing due to commercial failure.

  • Franchised businesses have the benefit of an established brand and a proven business model - they are therefore much less likely to fail.

Why Franchise?
Why Technokids

Why Technokids?

Technokids is the #1 computer/coding activity club for children in London.

We started running our sessions in 1995 - not a couple of years ago -1995!

Many of the schools we work with have been hosting our sessions since the early days - so we know how to build relationships with schools, and how to run sessions that are loved by kids and parents alike.

Our fun learning lessons are equally popular with both boys and girls - attending Technokids is a fantastic way for them to develop computing skills in a social context.


We currently have over 1200 children attending our classes every week in London, at over 40 schools and nurseries.

Using the amazing variety of tech that we bring into school, we can teach over 20 modules tailored to the needs of each child. Each module builds upon the next, ensuring that the children are always motivated and enthusiastic about learning new things - which in turn encourages them to continue attending term after term.

In fact, many children join our club and carry on attending for many years, completing all 20 modules and becoming a Techno-Master!

we've been around for a while..


kids already attending weekly


schools hosting our sessions


learning modules included


club leaders already operating


opportunity of a lifetime!


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